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What Makes a Good Apartment?

Posted by admin on September 22, 2015
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1Apartment living in Anguilla.  It may not be a house, but it is your HOME.  It is the place you will rest your feet up at night, have a nice glass of wine, entertain your friends and neighbors.  So what makes a good apartment?   If you ask a hundred people, you will get about the same types of answers.  Some will say they need personal space, a beautiful color scheme, and a variety of incidentals so they can make the best choice and   make their apartment life worthwhile.

Although many persons would say they would like a comfortable place, speaking of comfortable places is like asking what is your favorite shirt or tie.  Comfort varies from person to person.  One of the major elements of comfort for apartment living is when you walk through the door after a long day and feel your spirits lift as soon as you enter.  It has to be your sanctuary and relief from the rest of the world.  Whether the color scheme is coral or blue, pastel or vibrant, it has to feel like your place to put your feet up and relax.  When an apartment is furnished in a style that speaks to “you”, that’s a plus as it takes away the pain of moving all the heavy furniture out of the mix to make it feel more like your space. This allows you to move in effortlessly and easily.

An apartment has to be convenient to various aspects of your life.   “Location, location, location” is cliché for a reason.  Being close to work, love ones, the airport or ferry terminal for non-nationals and expats not forgetting the beaches as well as shopping areas are a major plus and a big issue when it comes to getting a good apartment.  If it is not near anyplace you can get to easily, then it really is not a good apartment for you.  Depending on why you are in Anguilla, each of those places will mean a little bit more to you. For non-nationals on an island no bigger than sixteen miles from east to west, it may take you a while to get accustom to our tropical paradise. However you can always say that you are surrounded by pristine, white beaches with aquamarine waters, one of the main reasons celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Liam Neeson, Kate Moss and Jay-Z and Beyonce visit the island just to name a few.

What would life be without our modern appliances?  Convenience also includes necessities you would like to have in your apartment – washer and dryer, Wi-Fi or Internet, air conditioning, and cable television.  For some apartment searchers, these are mandatory and you can find a list of all the amenities each apartment offers just below the pictures on the website. The more convenient an apartment is for you the more you will opt to stay long term.

Lastly, security is a big issue.  Anguilla is one of those rare communities where people still leave their doors unlocked.  Though the crime rate on Anguilla is one of the lowest in the Caribbean, you will still want safety such secure doors and windows and a landlord who will be able to handle any issues which arise.  If you do not feel safe when you go to look at an apartment, keep on walking and you will find a place you do.

Putting it all together, a good apartment comprises of many things.  It is comfortable for the lifestyle you desire, convenient to many different places you may need to go to, and safe for you.  In today’s busy and jet setting world, you want the place you call home to speak volumes about you.  In Anguilla, you can find comfort, accessibility to the locations you want, as well as someplace safe where you can lay your head and rest.  A good apartment has all of these features.  The more an apartment has, the more you will feel committed to a long term contract.  That’s both a benefit to you and your landlord.

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